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Peppermint Village Holiday Store OPEN NEXT WEEK!!

The Peppermint Village Holiday Store will be open next week from Monday, December 5 to Friday, December 9th in the Parent Resource Room (located at the top of the main stairs). This store is a wonderful opportunity for your child to experience the joy of giving during the holiday season.

The holiday gift shop will be supervised by parent volunteers who assist your child with making gift selections and managing money. A money envelope has been provided in your Thursday folder for your student to fill out and bring with them when they shop. Gift items range from 35 cents to $15.00.

Store Hours

Monday, December 5: 8AM - 2PM

Tuesday, December 6: 8AM - 7PM

Wednesday, December 7: 8AM - 2PM

Thursday, December 8: 7:15AM - 2PM

Friday, December 9: 8AM - 2PM

Help Staff the Holiday Store

We need your help in the holiday store! Please click on the link below to volunteer.

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