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Denim Drive Receives 272 Pair of Jeans!

We would like to THANK EVERYONE who donated jeans to our Denim Drive for the RRISD Clothes Closet. We received 272 pair of jeans and 13 pair of jean shorts to donate! That is incredible! Our grade level winners are: Denim Drive Contest Winners!!!

FAC: Mrs. Claypool with 6 pair Pre- K: Mrs. Canamar with 2 pair Kinder: Mrs. Shelby with 12 pair First: Mrs. Nuebauer with 24 pair Second: We have a tie! Mrs. Mann and Mrs. Lewis with 6 pair each Third: Mrs. Combes with 11 pair Fourth: Mr. Hultman with 8 pair And the BIG WINNER for 5th Grade is:

Mrs. Key with 67 pairs of jeans!!!!! Way to go Mrs. Key's Class!!!! The grade level winners will receive a POPCORN PARTY! And a special surprise!!

We want to give a big THANK YOU to our wonderful parents who helped us reach this goal!

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