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Reflections Art Program


Each year during the Fall, a different theme is selected and students have the opportunity to create a work of art for submission in any of the following categories:

  • Dance Choreography

  • Film Production

  • Literature

  • Music Composition

  • Photography

  • Visual Arts


Find more information at: or email our PTA Programs Chair at

This year's submission deadline is October 28th.

Please email entry form and submission to

How Reflections Works


Participating in Reflections is voluntary and is provided by the Herrington PTA to encourage students to express their inner talent and receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts. It is a competition, so there are rules as well as standard forms to fill out before you turn it in. Please review the submission guidelines below for further information.

The Reflections program recognizes students at the Local, Council/Region, State and National PTA levels. At each level, all entries are judged on interpretation of the theme, creativity, and artistic merit. Eligible students must attend a school with a PTA in good standing with Texas PTA.

Students may enter any or all of the six art categories. Multiple entries within a single arts category are permitted. Each entry must be the original work of one student and created specifically for the program based on the national theme. Each entry must also conform to the guidelines developed by the National PTA.

To learn more about Reflections, click here for the Texas PTA Reflections information page.

Forms and Rules can be found on the Student page of the Texas PTA site.

A Word to Parents: As with any student activity, parent involvement and support is very important. Please remember that student artists need to be responsible for their own work. Children must make their own decisions about what to create and what to enter in the Reflections Program. By producing their own literature, musical compositions, photographs, films, dance routines, and visual artwork, children learn about the arts and, more importantly, they learn about themselves. Students should simply do their best; crooked lines, incorrect musical notes, or misspelled words do not disqualify anyone.

PTA's Reflections Program helps parents encourage the creativity and continuous self-discovery process of their children. Supporting the Reflections Program is one way you can support the arts in your home, school, and community.

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