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PTA Officer Nominations

Want to help your school be awesome?  Volunteer or nominate someone to help lead the PTA!

Each year, the PTA helps facilitate projects, events and fundraisers to directly benefit our students.  We need your talents!  Join us!

If you are unsure about a position's duties or your ability to fullfill them, please feel free to ask the Parliamentarian for clarification or the person currently serving in the position. Contact details can be found here.

The Nominating Committee can be contacted at

Important dates:
MARCH 30th  -      Nominations Due
APRIL  11th   -    PTA Board Elections

Officer Descriptions




  • Preside at general PTA meetings and executive board meetings

  • Serve as the primary contact to the principal and represent the PTA at meetings of other groups, if needed

  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees

  • Foster an environment of open communication among all board members.

  • Retain all official records of the PTA


Typical Monthly Tasks:

  • Prepare for and lead executive board meetings

  • Prepare for and lead PTA meetings

  • Have regular check-in meetings with the principal


Typical Annual Tasks:

  • Finalize the activities calendar with the principal

  • Set the schedule of monthly executive board meetings for the year

  • Update the signature cards at your PTA’s bank

  • Double-check key organizational dates, including your PTA insurance policy renewal, incorporation with the state, and IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ, if applicable

  • Determine which officer and committee chair positions might need to be filled next year, and reach out for volunteers

Vice President, Operations


  • Assist the President

  • Perform the duties of the president if the president is absent or unable to serve

  • Participate in executive board meetings and provide input for decisions

  • Be an ambassador for the PTA and the school

  • Oversee committees, train committee chairpeople, and act as a liaison between committee chairpeople and the executive board

  • Oversee fundraising selection, planning, and evaluation


Typical Monthly Tasks:

  • Participate in executive board meetings

  • Participate in general meetings


Typical Annual Tasks:

  • Manage Fundraising for the PTA

  • Oversee planning of main annual events (community, family and fundraising events)

Vice President, Membership



  • Assist the president

  • Participate in executive board meetings and provide input for decisions

  • Be an ambassador for the PTA and the school

  • Oversee committees, train committee chairpeople, and act as a liaison between committee chairpeople and the executive board

  • Be a liaison for new families; Recruit new members throughout the year with the goal of recruiting one member for every student on your campus - A Voice for Every Child!

  • Share the importance of PTA and publicize the vision, mission, priorities and benefits of membership.


Typical Monthly Tasks:

  • Participate in executive board meetings and general meetings

  • Submit members and dues to Texas PTA at least monthly; Distribute membership cards to all members and request additional cards as needed.


Typical Annual Tasks:

  • Celebrate your successes at association and board meetings, through social media, and by receiving Texas PTA Membership Awards.

  • Manage communications and marketing for the PTA, including but not limited to PTA newsletters, Email broadcasts, Website, Social media, Bulletin boards




  • Maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed at any official PTA meeting

  • Attend executive board meetings and participate in discussions and decision making

  • Record minutes of executive board meetings

Typical Monthly Tasks:

  • Use email to send meeting reminders

  • Record and distribute minutes of executive board meetings and general meetings

  • Prepare agendas for general meetings, as developed in the executive board meeting

  • Photocopy the minutes from the last general meeting for distribution (and approval) at the upcoming general meeting

  • Record minutes of general meetings and distribute them in a timely manner

Typical Annual Tasks:

  • Maintain PTA e-mail accounts and passwords. Clean up accounts at end of year.

  • Maintain group mailing list for the PTA Executive Board



  • Study all references to duties and finances in the PTA bylaws, policies and standing rules.

  • Ensure your Local PTA meets all requirements of the Standards of Continuing Affiliation.

  • Keep an accurate and detailed account of all monies received and disbursed.

  • Ensure all cash funds are counted by multiple individuals and documented with a Deposit Form. 

  • Keep on permanent file the PTA Employer Identification Number (EIN), as assigned by the IRS, and the PTA sales tax permit, as assigned by the Texas Comptroller.

  • Present a financial report of all accounts at all Association and board meetings. 


Typical Monthly Tasks:

  • Make timely deposits to the PTA bank account.

  • Make disbursements in accordance with the budget, as adopted by the association membership, and verify each transaction is accompanied by a Check Request and necessary documentation.


Typical Annual Tasks:

  • Present the budget for approval at the September PTA meeting

  • File Form 990/990EZ, the annual IRS return required for 501(c)(3) groups

  • File sales tax reports to Texas Comptroller as required (annually, quarterly or monthly).

  • Maintain a list of assets owned by the PTA.

  • Submit all required items to the Financial Reconciliation Committee in a timely manner.

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