Frequently asked questions

How Do I Sign Up to Volunteer?

Visit our Volunteer Registration Page to sign up HERE! You must be signed up with the Round Rock ISD first (they complete a background check) and then you will be entered into the Raptor System which prints out the Volunteer Badges when you arrive at school. District Registration must be completed EVERY YEAR by all volunteers.

How Do I Get Notified of Volunteer Opportunities?

Once you fill out the Herrington Volunteer Form (found HERE), you will receive e-mail updates about upcoming events that need help. You can also follow our Facebook Page at

How Do I Check in at School?

When you first go into the front office for the first time, you will need a Photo ID to have an ID sticker printed. On subsequent visits, there is a computer terminal you can sign in to and your information sticker will be printed. Office staff can help you. Make sure to choose VOLUNTEER (instead of VISITOR) so that your volunteer hours are logged. You MUST sign out before you leave the campus.

What Are My Resources At School?

There are a lot of resources available to you as a volunteer. The Parent Resource Center (PRC) is located at the top of the main stairs. There you will find a computer, printer, copier, and paper cutter (and toys if you have younger children). Laminating Machine: There is a large laminating machine in the PRC if you need to laminate for a teacher or make paper items that you may want to reuse. Please ask a Board member for a tutorial if you've never used the machine. Letter Cutting Machine: There is a letter cutting machine in the PRC with letter, number and picture stencils, that you may want to use if decorating a door or bulletin board. Pictures include seasonal shapes, stars, flowers, etc. Paper: There are two teacher workrooms (one upstairs and one downstairs) where you can find colored paper for needed projects. Plain white copy paper is located in the PRC and can be used to make flyers. Refrigerator: The PRC has a full-sized refrigerator if you need to keep lunch or drinks cold. Mailboxes: Teacher mailboxes are located in the downstairs teacher workroom. PTA Board mailboxes are located in the PRC. Sensitive items (forms with money or personal information) and be put into the locked dropbox located in the PRC.

Where are the Adult restrooms?

Adult restrooms are located throughout the building but can be a challenge to find! One is located in the cafeteria by the teacher's lounge. Others are located in the enclosed section of each grade level commons and in the teacher's work room on the first floor.

I have more questions!

If you have additional questions or want to help our school in a specific way, contact our volunteer coordinator at or our President and Thank you for helping us make our school a better place!

I Have Young Kids. Can I Still Volunteer?

Yes! Herrington is a child-friendly school and PTA. If you are working in the Parent Resource Center (PRC), there are toys available for them to play with. Children are not allowed in classrooms, however, to help maintain a focused learning environment.

Volunteer Guidelines

1. Respect the Teacher's classroom and rules at all times. If helping in the classroom, make sure you know what time the teacher would like you to help. Keeping the learning environment consistent is priority. 2. Keep confidences. If a student or teacher reveals personal information, reguard it as a confidence. 3. Set a good example for the students when at the school in words and deeds. Use positive comments and encourage students, especially when they are working on difficult things. 4. Be reliable and prompt. If you have to cancel or be absent, please find an alternate volunteer or contact the teacher or PTA Board member as soon as possible. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR HAWKS!